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The personnel all-round package

TSA Stahl- und Anlagenbaugesellschaft GmbH is your partner for personnel services in the technical industry. As a recruitment agency and service provider, we have developed far beyond the mere provision of temporary staff. We fill your personnel gaps on a selective, project-related or long-term basis. In doing so, we draw on an extensive global network in the mechanical and plant engineering industry.



The short to long term solution for staff shortages during production peaks, high sickness absence or additional project business.

Industry &


Our fitters and service personnel install new equipment in your production environment, maintain it and train your own staff in its use.



Industrial welders and other skilled workers are hard to find in Germany. With our good local recruitment partners, we will find the right skilled worker for you in Vietnam and take care of the preparation and entry procedure.

We are looking for you!

Are you looking for a change of career or new challenges that are short-, medium- or long-term? Maybe you want to find a new employer without committing yourself for years? Or are you specifically looking for a long-term position in industry? Then apply to us. There is no more variety with simultaneous security. Then apply to us. There is no more variety with simultaneous security.

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TSA Stahl-und Anlagenbaugesellschaft mbH
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